Bloom House is a blog I created to explore my love of interiors, flowers and experiencing and learning new things. As much as it is about pretty much what it says on the tin, it is also a blog about flourishing or ‘blooming’ if you care to excuse the pun. It is about making sure I live a life a little less ordinary whilst sharing all the wonderful things I discover along the way.

Another one of my main aims through this blog is to encourage creativity, by showing you how to fill your home and life with things you love without breaking the bank. As a Londoner myself who weeps a little every time I have to part with majority of my money as soon as it pings into my bank account (aren’t bills + rent just the best?!), I am on a one-woman mission to ensure I can do all the things I want and fill my space with things I love on a budget. It is doable, I promise!