Get the Look | A Grand Budapest Inspired Shindig

The Grand Budapest Hotel has to be one of my favourite films predominately for it’s gorgeous set design. Wes Anderson film’s are always a visual feast that keeps on giving but this has to be one of my favourites. As with all his films, Anderson creates a world of his own that follows a concierge in a world famous hotel between the first and second world war. It’s wonderfully saccharine pastels Art Nouveau touches teamed with the 1960’s darker hues gives me the feels and gets my creative juices a’flowing. It is an absolute gold mine of inspiration so I thought I’d put together a little post on how I would style up an event for a Grand Budapest themed shindig.

General Look + Colour Scheme

In shades of pastel pinks, berry reds and emerald green with touches of gold and mahogany wood, I would create a room that feels like a cosy library with a whimsical edge.

I would choose a location befitting for the Art Deco feel of the whole film, somewhere that feels like a bit of a cosy nook and where fantasies such as Wes Anderson’s own could be unraveled.

Table Decor

Running down the length of the table I would place simple gold urn style vases with blooms in shades of deep berry, pastel pink with flowers such as Protea, Sweet Avalanche Roses, Dahlias and Peonies along with a sprinkling of foliage. Mingling in with these arrangements, I would place tall, elegant gold candlesticks. I would hang low fun and fringed lights above the table to bring an intimacy to the dinner.

The table would be covered with a lovely emerald green table cloth and gold tipped pale pink plates with a chic art deco mahogany chair placed at each setting. To finish the look off I would use gold cutlery and place a simple antique key upon a napkin in the centre of the plate. These would have assorted gorgeous antiqued logo tags and thread tassels attached to them, all unique and in varying shades and art deco designs to match the colour palette. In the typography would be the name of the attendee and one lucky individual’s key would have the ability to unlock a box containing a prize especially for them.

Food + Fancies 

I would serve a hearty and cosy dinner with a convivial feel where all the attendees can enjoy it together passing serving dishes from person to person. For dessert of course I would have the obligatory Mendl’s patisserie decorated in shades of pale pink and blue.


To fit with the whimsical feel of the film, I would have a wall covered in papier mache-ed animal heads from zebras to lions, from parrots to mice with the occasional animal wearing a prop featured in the film such as the ‘lobby boy’ hat.

I would also create a ‘Photo Booth’ style opportunity by making a little nook with a plush velvet chair, a stack of books and a basket full of various props relevant to the plot of the film.

So there you have it, a little insight into how I would deck out a wonderfully British and Whimsical soiree based on this fab film. I’d love to hear any ideas you might have too and if you’ve ever been inspired by a film for one of your recent shindigs!

All images used are from Pinterest and are not my own. 





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