An Evening of Calligraphy at Quill London

Last Saturday I got the chance to take a Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Class at Quill London and I had the best time. Me and my friend Sally booked the class a fair while ago and so we’d both been looking forward to it for quite some time!

The shop and school is based in Angel on Amwell Street and it is just the cutest inside. As we made our way into the shop passing lots of delicate and pretty stationery perched on the surfaces and in the windows, we took our seats at the table and were handed a nice glass of bubbly and a slice of cake – so far, so good. I eagerly snap snapped away at the many Instagram-able things surrounding us.


We had our calligraphy set all laid out in front of us with a envelope of paper, a nib, pen and an ink pot that was all ours to take home at the end of the class in a fancy little canvas bag. Our teacher was called Julia and she was so, so lovely and made the whole thing a real hoot. We started off with little line exercises and then gradually worked up from writing letters, to joining letters and then trying out our own phrases along with playing with the baseline. It was all very therapeutic and the two and half hours of calligraphy practically whipped by. With the rain thrumming down outside and us all sat inside this dinky little shop decorated in soothing whites and pale pinks, it was the loveliest way to spend a Saturday evening.


When I got home I was left in the happiest of moods feeling very inspired and excited to try out my new skill. I think my excitability that lingered after the class may have been part of the reason I could’t fall asleep until 5am (pretty wild, I know) and instead spent a good hour or so practicing the calligraphy lessons I had learned. There’s nothing quite like a head whirring with creative ideas to stop this gal from getting her z’s!

All in all I was super impressed and will be signing up for another class very soon! They offer lots of others classes such as brush calligraphy, digitalising calligraphy and making paper flowers if you fancy getting your creative on –



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