A Birthday Trip to Pashley Manor Gardens


IMG_7311 IMG_7301

To celebrate my wonderful Nana’s 80th birthday, we took a little trip down the road to Pashley Manor Gardens for their ‘Sculpture in Particular’ event and a spot of afternoon tea. Having not visited since I started working at a florist, I was keen to impress with my new knowledge on flowers instead of my usual ‘ah that’s pretty’ and ‘ooh a rose’ on previous visits. It was a while since we last went and I had forgotten just how gorgeous the house and gardens were, with my personal favourites being the cute greenhouse perched on the edge of the glorious pool. Not only was the whole place lovely to look at, it also inspired some fab colour combinations courtesy of nature itself. We had an abundance of cakes and scones along with teas and beer (nice one Grandad) and basked in the not so sunny sun on the cafe veranda. It was all very civilised and I loved discovering all the sculptures tucked around corners reading books or preparing to sail boats in the lake.


IMG_7318 IMG_7319


IMG_7325 IMG_7324


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